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* Sculpture Nail (Acrylic Nail) ;

Sculpture Nail is one of the methods for Nail Art.., that Acrylic powder is coated and formed on nail like natural ridge line, and changed like natural nails by filing after taking off Nail Form. Sculpture Nail can direct beautiful NAIL ART through mixing 'Liquid' acrylic material and 'Powder Acrylic material. Sclpture nail(Acrylic Nail) can be made on not only 'Natural' nails but also 'Artificial' nails.

* Acrylic Nail System ;
1) Acrylic Powder
2) Color Powder
3) Acylic Liquid
4) Acrylic Liquid Color Drop: Use Color Drop mixing a little Color Drops with Acrylic Liquid and can mix with other Color Drop.
5) Liquid Bowl(Dapping dish): For Acrylic Liquid
4) Acrylic Sculpture Brush
5) Brush Cleaner
6) Nail Form
7) Pinching Stick
8) Primer


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