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General Application For Curing Gel Polishes/Nail Gel
 *Caution :   
1.  Shake well Gel Polish Color before using.  
2.  Apply thin layer.  
 *Application :   
1.  Adjust the length and shape of nails by using nail file.  
2.  Dip both hands into warm water for wet care.  
3.  Paint cuticle remover on the cuticle line and make it soft.   
 Push loose skin, the dead skin on the nail, using Pusher.  
 * Don't use oil in applying Gel Polish because Gel polish can be lifted when   
 Nails are much oily.  
 * If there is much loose or thicker skin on Nails, please push it cleanly.  
4.  Remove the cuticle by using nail nipper.   
 * Don't remove the cuticle line deeply because there may be the concern of   
 Allergy, infection, inflammation.  
5.  Remove Oil and Moisture on Nails by Alcohol.  
6.  Apply Base Gel one Nails and cure for 20~30 seconds by LED lamp.  
 * Applying methods of Base Gel according to the situation of Nails;  
   a) In case of healthy Nails : Apply Base Gel one time.  
   b) In case of thin Nails :  Apply Base Gel thinly two times.  
   c) In case of much thiner Nails : Apply Base Gel thinly one more time.  
7.  Apply first coat of Coloring on Nails evenly and cure for 20~30 seconds.  
8.  Apply second coat of Coloring on Nails evenly and cure for 20~30 seconds.  
9.  Apply Top Gel on Nails evenly and cure for 40~60 seconds.  
10. Clean the stickiness of uncured Top Gel by using Gel Cleanser.  
 Wipe and remove stickness by the slight power with cotton fully soaked   
 by Gel Cleaner.  


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