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SSNF-02(IMP), SSNF-02(DOM) : 7" Square Sanding Sponge Nail File
  • Art Name : 7" Square Sanding Sponge Nail File
  • Art No : SSNF-02(IMP), SSNF-02(DOM)
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7" Square Sanding Sponge Nail file, 7"long
-5T GREY (Available Grits for IMP: 220/180/100)
-5T BLUE (Available Grits for IMP : 180)
-5T VIOLET (Available Grits for IMP: 80)
- 35(W) * 90mm(L), 100/180/220 grits
-5T GREEN (Available Grits for IMP: 280)
-Size: 178*30*12T
*Available Grits for(DOM): 80/100/150/180/220/240

  • *MOQ: 5,000pcs
    *Colors & Grits for (IMP) were fixed as described in the above.
    *Available Colors for (DOM) : White/Blue/Orange/Purple/Grey/Pink
    *Use 5T-sponge and 1.5T or 2T plastic cushion core-board
    *The additional charges for Printing Buyer's logo & grit number on one side : U.05 per pc
    *Packing: a) Bulk (24pcs/shriked bag)
    b) 1pc in a Header poly bag (The additional charges/U.05 per pc)