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1) Scupture(-ring) :
Sculpture Nail is one of the methods for Nail Extension & Nail Art.., that Acrylic powder is coated and formed on nail like natural ridge line, and changed like natural nails by filing after taking off Nail Form. Sculpture Nail can direct beautiful NAIL ART through mixing 'Liquid' acrylic material and 'Powder Acrylic material. Sclpture nail(Acrylic Nail) can be made on not only 'Natural' nails but also 'Artificial' nails.
(Please refer to another clause No. 11. SCULPTURE NAIL/ACRYLIC NAIL)

Silk Extension is used for lengthening nails for the treatment of short or breakable, broken nails, using the materials and methods..Silk and Stone powder and Hardening glue, Dryer and Nail stone, Top coat. Skilled experience and technics for this direction are needed. Silk extension nails will be more stronger than Tip nails and have the characteristics transparent image.

3) Manicure(-ring) :
To treat all of Hand clean and beautiful, comfortable through removing cuticle
and nail color polishing as well as total nail Care and hand massage..etc.

4) Nail Tip :
To extend Nail Length or make our own shape freely by attaching Nail Tips(natural, french, designed tips) made of plastic material(ABS) on Natural nails and by applying other various nail art materials.

5) Gel Nail(System) :
Gel Nail is another method to make Nail Extension and Nail Art with Gel type of material(UV Gel). The merit of this procedure is that the transparency is very high and the beautiful condition of Gel Nail can be maintained for a long time. This extension methods will satisfy the customers in the aspect of beauty point and keeping it for long time like long trip, wedding..


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