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*Removal Methods of Gel Polishes

1. Cut the front of Nails a little by Nail Clipper. 
 * Remove the parts or stones on Nails by Nail Clipper and sand the surface 
 of Nails with  Nail File w/150 grits. If impossible by Nail Clipper, Soak the  
 cotton with Gel Remover, and lay it inside Foil, and wrap Nails by the soaked  
 cotton laid into foil in advance. 
2. Sand the surface of Nails with Nail File w/180grits till the original nail will 
 be shown slightly. 
 * In case of damaged and thiiner Nail Tips, may feel heated, so be careful. 
3. Soak the cotton with Gel Remover, and lay it inside Foil. 
 Wrap the applied Gel Nails in the soaked cotton with foil outside for 
 - 10~15 minutes for healty Nails 
 - 20 minutes for damaged Nails 
4. Remove Gel with Pusher after opening of Foil. 
 Remove Gel with Pusher at a 45 degreesangle till Remover is dried. 
 * It's easier & comfortable if Soak-off only-clip is used at this time. 
 * When Gel was not removed completely, remove it again by wrapping  
 the applied Nails in the soaked cotton with foil outside. 
5. After Gel is removed, clean Nails & hands with a hot poultice or 
 wash hands. 
6. If the skin around Nails is dry, apply Cuticle oil or Hand cream. 


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