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- 'Cyanoacrylate' Nail Glue, of which the strong function of Cyanoacrylate is some weakened, properly to the use to Nail Art Care is very popular for Nail Glue.
- The Speed Nail Glue is great for adhering nail tips. Just 1 drop is all it takes.
- It is also great to keep on hand for immediate, on-the-spot nail repair. The special nozzle makes it easy to apply the glue precisely to where it's needed.
- Simply apply a small drop of glue to the crack, split, or break and hold down damaged area with a manicure stick. Your nail will be repaired speedly.
- Speed Nail Glue is perfect for applying full cover nails.
- Brush allows for easier application. Simply brush glue onto artificial nail and apply to natural nail.
- Its slightly thicker formula provides you a little more time to get perfect placement of the artificial enhancement onto the natural nail before it sets. Its pink tint allows for the most natural and healthy-looking nail plate.



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