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- Before Application, clean Toenails of any polish or oil with nail polish remover.
- Trim and file the edge of your natural toenail and clean off the filing remnant with nail
polish remover.
- Push back cuticles with manicure stick in order to make your full cover Toenails look even
more natural.
- Select the correct size for each toe and file the sides and cuticle area for an accurate fit
if needed.
- Apply glue to the back area to come in contact with the natural Toenail. Use the nozzle to
spread the glue over all this area.
- Slowly lower Toenail onto natural toenails and hold firmly until set.
- Repeat application process on remaining Toenails.
- Once all Toenails are applied, lightly file off any rough areas of the tips.
- Be sure to apply top coat to entire Toenail.
- After Application, surely wipe off excess glue from around nozzle and replace the cap.
Be sure to store Tube in upright position away from heat and direct sunlight.


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