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-Manicure means the care and cosmetic treatment of the hands, especially the fingernails,
usually carried out by a trained professional or manicurist.
-Pedicure means the medical or cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails,or the skillful
art to care or make beauty treatment of feet and toenails.

-Application ;

1) Clean Fingernails(Toenails) with Non-acetone Remover and disinfect all tools to use
or manucure and pedicure during cleaning.
2) Clip Fingernails(Toenails) in proper size with nail or toenail Clipper and file them.
3) Drop Cuticle Remover or Oil on Fingernails(Toenails) and make them softened. Dip hands or feet in a bowl with soapy water for 2~5minutes.It's better if some drops of essential oil can put in a bowl.
4) Push cuticle softly using Orange stick and cut off cuticle with Cuticle clipper.
5) Massage hands(feet) with Cuticle massage cream or Hand cream. This masage will prevent from of any crack of nails by giving moisture and nutrition.
6) Wrap and wet cotton on Orange stick with remover and remove any oil on nails thoroughly.
7) Remove the rest callosity with Foot Scrup or Body Scrup and push out that of heel with Pumice brush(stone).
8) Polish Fingernails(Toenails) with the order of Base coat and Color coat, Top coat.
Base coat and Top coat will maintain the color tone and polish on nails for a long time.



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